How to Wear Your Grey Hair and Still Look Great

Grey hair is often seen as a sign of aging generally due to its brassy look and the fact that most elderlies have grey hair. 

But, often, teens could get a few grey sprouts and go entirely grey in their mid-twenties or thirties, and that’s not a pleasant thing to go through with all the mock and stares. It could potentially dampen confidence. 

I’ll be sharing straightforward steps to follow on regaining that confidence and wearing grey without looking old. Just so you know, grey are glitters on your hair, and with the proper care and tips, you’ll slay in them.

How to Wear Grey Hair Without Looking Old?

beautiful grey hair
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1. Take Care of your Hair

First, you should start by caring for your hair. Grey is naturally delicate and brittle due to the lack of pigment, so you want to ensure you’re caring for it rightly.

On washdays, use a moisturizing shampoo, after which you go in with some deep conditioning. Deep conditioning treatment is necessary as it helps strands stay hydrated and healthy. Deep conditioners infuse moisture into the hair’s cortex as opposed to regular conditioners that can only penetrate the hair’s outer layer –the cuticle.

Stay clear from hot tools and if you can’t escape the heat, spritz on a heat protectant before heat usage. Include a clarifying treatment in your hair care regimen; clarifying hair gets the hair rid of product buildup, excess oils, dirt, grime, and minerals which could add to the grey brassiness. Using a clarifying shampoo or other home clarifying treatments removes those elements capable of weighing hair down, giving it a shinier look and eliminating brassiness.

2. Own your Look!

Be confident and own your look! Remember, your actions project unto others; if you project insecurity, then that’s what you get– people giving you unsolicited advice or opinions on how they expect you to look, but if you project confidence, that’s what people will see!

Owning your look is essential to wearing grey and not looking old. Over time, I realized that the fear isn’t that we look old but rather that we are not as young as we used to be, and to some, grey hair is a reminder. 

You must accept your age and acknowledge that aging is a natural process. And, if you are greying in your mid-twenties or thirties, it doesn’t mean you’re growing old.

3. Have a Right Mindset 

It all goes down to how you see yourself; if you think your grey hair makes you older, it does, and if your grey hair makes you distinguished or stands out, it also does. 

Confidence comes from having the right mindset and abstaining from negative people or situations that can be mentally draining.

4. Adopt a Modern Look

Wear Grey Hair Without Looking Old
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Visit a hairstylist and get a stylish and modern cut; getting a haircut that accentuates your face helps you look your age or younger. Most times, it isn’t easy to know just what haircut would enhance our facial features; you either ask your stylist for help with that or try these out:

Use a lipstick or dry erase marker to outline your face in the mirror. A square, diamond, oblong, round, or diamond-shaped reflection will appear.

  • Choose a charming pixie cut if your face is round.
  • Try blunt bangs if your face is oval-shaped.
  • Try side-swept bangs if you have a facial shape like a diamond.
  • Pick a layered lob if your face shape is oblong.
  • Choose long layers if your face is heart-shaped.
  • If your face is square, choose a traditional bob.

5. Using a Toner

If you don’t feel comfortable with the greys, you could opt for a toner. A toner is a semi-permanent or demi-permanent hair color primarily used to neutralize, refresh and remove unfavorable tones.

Use a demi-permanent for a more natural appearance. Note that demi-permanent hair color will not cover grey hair but blend away grey hair; this process is called color camouing or camouflaging. Purple shampoo is also great for toning grey hair and keeping it healthy!

Here is how to tone Hair

Make four quadrants in your hair. To prevent irritated scalps, begin this method on clean hair that hasn’t been wet in the last 48 hours. Additionally, if you want an oil treatment before this procedure, do it at least a week beforehand because some oils will remove the dye.

To get consistency, combine the developer and dye in a ratio of two parts developer to one ounce of color. Make sure you read all the instructions in the kit or system you are using before you start. If you use a color system with a liquid dye, you want to use an applicator bottle you can shake.

Apply into small sections using an applicator brush and smooth the strands with your fingers. Never do this process without gloves. 

Do not cover your hair with plastic when processing for 30 minutes under a hooded dryer! Use cool water to rinse out the hair color. The Wella color charm system and the Matrix color system are the best coloring systems, in my opinion.

After coloring, wash your hair several times with a moisturizing or sulfate-free shampoo because sulfate-containing shampoos are too stripping and could remove both the dye and the hair’s natural oils, leaving your hair dry. Deep condition after the coloring process, let it sit for a few minutes, and then thoroughly rinse it.

6. Create a Beauty and Makeup Beauty that works for you

Your beauty regimen doesn’t have to be exaggerated or too much; create a routine that works for you. Don’t feel too pressured to do something different or do a full-blown makeover anytime you step out and do what you’re comfortable in, and that isn’t time-consuming. 

7. Enhance your Style or Wardrobe 

Wearing grey might require a switch up in your outfit choice and the removal of some wardrobe items getting in the way. Opt for clothes complimenting your hair; always consider your hair before getting any accessories. 

Dress as you would be comfortable in; wearing grey doesn’t say you dress in a way you normally wouldn’t, all in the name of looking younger. Also, there’s no age-appropriate dressing. It depends solely on you, and what look you are going for; the only difference this time is putting your hair into consideration. Add in bold accessories and a pop of colors to your closet space.

8. Play around with Braids

French braids, Dutch braids, rope braids, and faux hawk braids are a couple of braided looks you could try on today! Braids are a great way to look younger.

9. Invest in Skincare

Healthy and glowing skin equals a youthful glow; taking care of your skin is paramount to looking younger, so if you are worried about looking older with grey hair, you might want to up your skincare game and invest in quality skincare products. Include good anti-aging moisturizers, serum, toner, and eye cream in your skincare routine, ensuring your skin stays hydrated.

Also, if you can see some wrinkles around your eyes or forehead, acknowledge that it is a natural process and a sign of the fantastic years you’ve lived, and embrace them!

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