15 Ways to Style Short Curly Hair

If you’re looking for short curly hair options for women, we’ve got you covered. There are a variety of trendy ways to style short curly hair. There’s no need to keep repeating the same style over and over again. There are styles for every short hair type, color, and texture, so you’re sure to find a style that’ll suit you perfectly. Read through for the 15 best ways to style short curly hair.

15 Ways to Style Short Curly Hair

If your hair is short and your strands are curly, any of these styles will be perfect for you. These looks all feature curls at the center and front. 

  1. Rose Gold Crop

For this style, the curls are tight, and the volume is concentrated on top. That means this style won’t create any unnecessary roundness for a slim face. It’s perfect for any event. 

  1. Shoulder Length Dark Blonde Curls
Shoulder Length Dark Blonde Curls
Instagram/ @Kristina.manners

If you’re looking for an everyday wearable style that requires lower maintenance than the white blonde, this is it. This deeper shade of blonde lends a little light and warmth to the big roller-style curls. 

  1. Sassy Stacked Bob
Sassy Stacked Bob for curly hair
Instagram/ @Cinnabon.does.hair

This is such a unique and flirty look to try on curly hair! “Stacking” the hair by layering gives this style tons of body and volume, and the little flicks of curly ends popping out are so fun and feminine. 

  1. Voluminous Coils
voluminous curls
Instagram/ @andy_doesyourhair

If your hair is type 4 (curly/kinky), don’t waste time and money trying to tame it down. Let it do its thing! A good curl cream and plenty of moisture will have your curls popping all day long in this free-form style. 

  1. Chin Length Wavy Bob
Chin Length Wavy Bob for curly hair
Instagram/ @estilismohairspasalon

This low-maintenance style will look great on any bob length, but we especially love it at chin level. Just part your hair with a deep side part, add some curl cream or mousse, let it dry, and you’re ready to go! 

  1. The Hepburn Crop

Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn with this adorable, vintage crop. It would work with straight locks too, but there’s something about the curves in these curls that really set it off. 

  1. Ear-Length Bob With Curly Fringe
Ear-Length Bob With Curly Fringe
Instagram/ @makeoversbymya

A good heavy fringe is one of our favorite ways to show off gorgeous curls. It puts the curls front and center so they can really steal the show! Scrunch your curls with your favorite curl product and make a side part to try this style. 

  1. Formal Barrel Curls
Formal Barrel Curls
Instagram/ @katkolors

You’ll need to break out the curling iron for this one. This short curly hairstyle is a formal and beautiful look that only takes a few minutes to get done. To get this look, curl sections away from your face and secure them with pins, if necessary. 

  1. Shoulder Length Glamour Waves
Glamour Waves
Instagram/ @aoki_hair

To switch up your look, you can try these gorgeous glamour waves. Use a  curling iron or a waving iron to create the look. Make sure to allow the curls to cool completely before brushing through them to get a softer look. 

  1. Layered Bob
layered bob
Instagram/ @pasqualehair

Layers must be done properly on curly hair to avoid cutting the curls at unflattering angles. When they’re done right, the effect is gorgeous. 

  1. Girl Next Door Curls

You’ll never look sweeter or more innocent than you will with this awesome girl next door curls. All you need to do is part your hair to the side and use your favorite volumizing products to give it some extra volume. 

  1. Blonde Chin-Length Bob
Blonde Chin-Length Bob
Instagram/ @yaxidel_muriel

Blonde hair is always pretty with curls, and we love that these curls are somewhat flat and structured more like waves. You can achieve this look by doing your curls with a curling wand or flat iron.

  1. Precision Curls
precision curls
Instagram/ @sageandivysalon

If you like symmetry in your styles, you could spare some minutes to ensure your curls are precisely styled and set. Starting with natural curls, you can run through with a large-barreled curling iron to perfect each one. 

  1. Deep Auburn Bob
Deep Auburn Bob
Instagram/ @sageandivysalon

Tight curls are the focal point of this classy short curly bob. Its deep color even makes it more unique. Auburn is a great color choice for short curls because it reflects the light very well. 

15. Curly Updo With Headband

Curly Updo With Headband
Instagram/ @mary2145_coiffeuse

For this style, you’ll need to pin your short curls to the tip of your head to make it look more gorgeous and glamorous. After that, you can use a headband to give it a more stylish and sophisticated look.

Tips for Wearing Short Curly Hairstyles 

Short curly hairstyles are exquisitely good looking at the start when you know the basics. If you don’t, we’ve compiled the best tips and tricks to style short curls again and look as beautiful as ever.

  • Know the Length that Suits You

The shape of your face is the ultimate factor that’ll how short your curly hairstyle should be. Oval faces can pull off any short length, from shaved to shoulder-length. Heart-shaped faces should settle for short, chin-length styles to shoulder-length as it’ll add more volume to the jaw and chin area. 

Round and square faces don’t need any extra volume around the sides. So, they should settle for styles above the ears or have their hair thinned a bit if it reaches your ear level or below. 

  • Know How Defined Your Curls Are

Some styles rely on the shape, thickness, and definition of curls to hold them up. Quiffs and Afro styles are great examples. If your curls are bouncy and very big without much structure or are borderline waves, do a test run to make sure the style you want will work on your ringlets.

  • Hair Thinning 

Thinning your hair could make styling easier. Curly hair can be dense and very thick, especially if you have coarse hair. For some short curly styles, there doesn’t have to be too much weight or thickness in the bottom to prevent having that triangle hair look. 

Therefore, thinning the hair at the ends will help. But, you’ll have to be skillful at doing that. Plus, it won’t look great on everyone, so ensure you first talk to your stylist about it. Don’t attempt to thin your hair out at home by yourself.

  • Get a Curl Expert to Curl Your Hair

Some hairstylists specialize in styling,  cutting, and coloring curly hair. If your stylist doesn’t, find one who does. It’s that simple! Curly hair has a particular cutting method, and you must follow that method to avoid messing up the curl pattern. Starting off with a fresh haircut that perfectly defines your curls will make any short curly style you try to look even more beautiful. 

  • Find your go-to Curly Hair Products

Every man and woman with curly hair needs to have a list of trusted products to make their curls look their absolute best. If you’re not satisfied with what your current products do for your curls or you feel like you need some extra help, speak to your hair styling for the best hair products recommendation.

  • Cost of Curly Hair Maintenance 

Rocking short curly hair can come with low or high maintenance. It all depends on what you want. If you love low-maintenance styles, make sure you have a good curl cream mousse or gel to always apply to the hair. These products will help keep the style neat and beautiful. Also, you can apply the products by either air-drying or diffusing. 

Additionally, if you don’t mind spending so much time styling each day, a curling wand, a flat iron, or even a curling iron will go a long way in perfecting each individual ringlet for more polished styles. However, that will be of high maintenance. 

Final Words 

Don’t forget to always use a good heat protectant all over your locks before applying any kind of heat. It doesn’t matter whether you choose a simple style or something a bit more difficult. Short curly hair is a great foundation to build from. 

You can switch up your look daily with so many options like the ones highlighted in this article. So far, your curls are well-defined and moisturized. Any style you try is going to look absolutely amazing on you.

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