How to Style Long Curly Hair For Men

Some men love their curly hair, while some find it burdensome. However, it’s natural, wild, and burl, but at the same time it can be fiercely unpredictable and a pain to deal with, especially when there’s frizz.

For most curly hairs, frizz constitutes a daily battle, and the day you forget to follow your hair routine is the day frizz overpowers, altering the smoothness of your hair. To know how to style your long curly hair perfectly, there are a few rules you have to follow. Read through to find out how to style long curly hair for men. 

Styling Long Curly Hair For Men

Below are the step-by-step procedures you can follow to style long curly hair perfectly.

  1. Wash Your Hair Less

One of the biggest mistakes most people with long curly hair make is shampooing the hair every day, often multiple times, thinking it’s healthy for the hair. That’s very wrong! If you have curly hair you should not be washing it every day.

Shampooing strips your scalp and hair of natural oils which help to moisturize and strengthen your curls. These essential oils are your front-line defense against frizz. Every time you wash your hair you strip these oils away, drying out your hair and leaving your flank exposed to the enemy.

What you should aim at doing rather is to wash your hair 2 to 3 times per week at most, preserving the oils your hair needs to stay frizz-free, strong, shiny, and hydrated. Most of all, you must use the right shampoo and conditioner that’ll cleanse your hair and scalp and restore its natural moisture balance.

  1. Wrap It In a Towel 

Another great mistake you can make with your long curly hair is rubbing it dry with a towel. Rubbing causes split ends, frizz, and tons of knots. Instead of rubbing your hair, wrap it up in a towel or better still, a soft t-shirt.

When using a towel, you can simply bend over, drape your hair down towards the floor, place a towel on the back of your skull and drape it over your head towards the ground. Then, twist the towel around your hanging hair and tuck in the locks behind your head. 

This drying method will be of great benefit to your hair as it helps to avoid friction. It also prevents the static buildup caused by rubbing it dry with a virtual frizz machine, for instance. In addition, when you allow it to air dry, the moisture evaporates leaving your hair dried out. Using a towel or t-shirt wicks the excess moisture from your hair without exposing it to air.

  1. Get a Pomade or Leave-in Cream 

After 5 to 10 minutes of your hair is wrapped up, gently unfold your towel and let your hair down. With your hair still slightly damp, apply your leave-in cream, beginning from the tips of your locks (as they are the most prone to messy frizz and dryness) and then throughout the full-lengths, including your scalp. Make sure to allow the cream to dry in your hair. Most importantly, ensure that you never put a product on your hair when it is completely dry. 

If you don’t have a leave-in cream, styling pomades, water-based gels, or creams can also do the work, but you’ll need to stay away from gelly-based gels. Hard gelly gels can tear your hair when you try to comb it and make your locks too stiff. Make sure that all your gels are water-based. The best products are the ones that contain macadamia or argan oil.

However, all of these products tend to be a little bit expensive but, they’re worth the investment. You only need a few drops of your product when applying it to your hair, so you won’t finish up a whole bottle in 2 weeks (in fact, most of these product lasts between 2 to 3 months).

Plus, they work very well for men with king curly hair. They won’t act up or cause frizz and knots, and you’ll be opportune to save money by not having to buy different products that don’t work. Products like Biolage Matrix Gelee (all-purpose) Styling Gel and American Crew Forming Cream are great options. 

  1. Let Your Hair Down

This last step is very important. After you apply your leave-in cream, let your hair down for a bit and allow your locks to hang loose. Putting your hair in a knot or tail immediately after applying your leave-in cream will cause frizz and make your hair look stiff after a steam bath. Make sure to let your hair down and allow it dry before tying it up. You can go ahead to try out any style at this point. Style your hair and look like a boss!

5. Fix the Style of Your Choice

There are a variety of ways to style long curly hair for men. Some trendy and classy styles include side-parted crop cuts, curly ponytails, curly curtain fringe, and more. Most of all, make sure to choose a style that suits your face, rather than try out any style you come across.

There’s no doubt that long curly hair requires more maintenance than straight hair. But, you be proud of your hair and embrace its uniqueness. It’s like a luscious waterfall of ringlets with a great texture. It’s simple to style long curly hair for men. Just follow the steps and try out any beautiful style that suits your face structure. 

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