20 Small Box Braids Hairstyles Ideas

Box braids are a standard hair-braiding style among Africans and members of the African diaspora. This kind of hairdo is parted in square-shaped hair divisions and serves as a “protective style” – a style that may be worn for a long time to enable natural hair growth and protect the ends of the hair from environmental causes.

Synthetic hair is typically used to create box braids, which assist the natural hair in the braid by adding thickness and holding it in place. Box braids can be done in various ways because they are not linked to the scalp like other comparable hairstyles like cornrows. Box braid installation can take a while, but once done, they can last six to eight weeks and are pretty easy to maintain.

What is a Small Box Braid?

Small box braids fall into two categories, thin or micro braids, that is super tiny braids, and small box braids themselves.

Because of how minutely the hair is separated, micro braids are delicate singles that can last for up to three months. Due to the size and access to the scalp, it provides a more natural appearance and also helps the moisturizing and cleaning process.

Its main drawback is that it typically requires numerous braiders working on your head at once for nine to twelve hours or more to complete the process. This might take a self-braider anywhere from two to five days.

Because they are so tiny and closely knit, thin braids put a lot of tension on the edges of your hair, which, if not correctly cared for, can thin and harm your hairline and result in traction alopecia. They take a long time to unbraid and detangle, making it difficult to take off.

On the other hand, small box braids are about half the width of a pencil and are slightly larger than thin braids, so there’s reduced tension on the hair scalp. These braids are easy to style and can effortlessly highlight your facial features giving you a classy and beautiful vibe. Small braids, even with lesser tension to the scalp, can thin your hairline from over-styling or improper installations. The installation process takes between 7- 8 hours. 

Benefits of Small Box Braids

Box braids have various sizes, so why choose a smaller size? Here are the benefits of small box braids aside from their gorgeous look!

  • A low-maintenance option to wear the most natural hairstyles all year long is with small box braids.
  • Small box braids typically are lighter than medium and large box braids.
  • Smaller box braids are easier to clean because it is simpler to agitate the hair strands thoroughly.
  • Box braids in smaller sizes often stay longer than larger ones, which are more prone to frizz.
  • Compared to medium box braids, these small box braids take far less time to make or install, whether hand braided or crocheted.
  • Because the little braids require fewer synthetic fibers or hair strands, choosing a small box braid hair size can help you save a little bit of money.

Installing Small Box Braids

This process should be done on clean and freshly washed hair. Next, divide hair into sections with a box parting style. Take off a small section of the hair, then take the filler hair and wrap it around it and start to braid in three sections from the root down to the ends of the hair; this is the process of installing a traditional small box braid. 

But, at the moment, the rave going on is a knotless box braid which is quite similar to the traditional box braid, except you take a small section of hair, split it into three, and braid the roots, adding a filler hair two inches above the root at intervals until you find the size convenient for you, then braid to the end.

To secure the braids at the ends, you can dip the hair in hot water, or depending on the texture; you can leave it free. Box braids can be implemented with synthetic or human hair; it all depends on the look you are going for.  There’s no right or wrong way to style box braids, but be sure not to over-style as that would add tremendous tension to the hairline. Box braids, as a protective hairstyle, don’t give room to neglect caring for your strands throughout your braids.

20 Types of Small Box Braids

Here are 20 Small Box Braids to you’ll love!

1. Natural Small Box Braids

Natural Small Box Braids
Instagram / @touchedbytrini

This look is achieved without adding any hair extensions and done on natural hair. It can be accessorized for a much prettier look and doesn’t take much time to install!

2. Crochet Small Box Braids

Crochet Small Box Braids
Instagram / @thehairdon_

Super easy to install and a beautiful finish; add a box braid extension using a crochet hook, and that’s about it!

3. Traditional Small Box Braids

Traditional Small Box Braids
Instagram / @debrahhair

This box braid type is done by wrapping a hair section with filler hair and braiding down. It is quicker to install but puts more tension on the hairlines.

4. Gypsy Knotless Small Box Braids

Gypsy Knotless Small Box Braids
Instagram / @victoriabraidsandweaves

A combination of boho and goddess looks with curls left on the ends, and the middle of the braids gives you an eccentric and gorgeous look.

5. Goddess Mohawk Small Box Braids with Shaved Sides

Goddess Mohawk Small Box Braids with Shaved Sides
Instagram / @elomshairstudio

The box braids are designed as a mohawk with the sides shaved and curls at the ends. It is a cute look, if that’s what you’re going for.

6. Criss Cross Small Box Braids

Instagram / @victoriaarmonee

An absolute beauty! It’s not quite as hard as it looks and is quick to install.

7. Knotless Micro Box Braids

Knotless Micro Box Braids
Instagram / @tthelanaehairlounge_

Knotless Micro braids give a stunning and natural look, although it does take a lot of time to install. It is worth it in the end!

8.  Braids with Bangs

Braids with Bangs
Instagram / @ppweetiewura

A fan of bangs and shoulder hats? Small box braids with bangs allow you to rock that with style!

9. Bohemian Small Box Braids

Bohemian Small Box Braids
Instagram / @starqualitystyles

We all love the boho style; those curls in the middle of the braids enhance the look!

10. Shoulder Length Boho Bob

shoulder Length Boho Bob
Instagram / @lohbraids

Bohemian bob accessorized with beads should be everyone’s absolute fav!

11. Distressed Small Box Braids

Distressed Small Box Braids
Instagram / @thea-listlifestylesandton

Giving the braids a distressed appearance similar to distressed locs.

12.  Bob Small Box Braids

Bob Small Box Braids
Instagram / @niyobeauty

Bob Small box braids are super easy to install and take down.

13. Goddess Bob Small Box Braid

Goddess Bob Small Box Braid
Instagram / @pearlthestylist

Bob with curly ends equals lit!

14. Knotless Small Box Braid

Knotless Small Box Braid
Instagram / @adorabeautys

Instead of wrapping hair and braiding from the hair roots, natural hair is plaited first, and filler hair is fed into it, giving a natural feel.

15.  Goddess Small Box Braid

Goddess Small Box Braid
Instagram / @calliestyles

Who doesn’t want some curls at the ends? If you don’t, you should consider it!

16. Cornrow Box Braids

Cornrow Box Braids
Instagram / @mmail-ling

Who says we can’t mix some cornrows and box braids? We can have it all!

17. Small Box Braids with Shaved Sides

Small Box Braids with Shaved Sides
Instagram / @braidz-by-ala

You Recently had a haircut and still want to look peng with some braids; this is for you!

18. Goddess Boho Small Box Braids

Goddess Boho Small Box Braids
Instagram / @ chrisma.braids

This small box braid makes you feel like a goddess ready to take on anything!

19. Mid-Back Knotless Braids with Light Bohemian Curls

Mid-Back Knotless Braids with Light Bohemian Curls
Instagram / @lilmoonkk

If you are not a fan of too many curls in your braids, you can opt for this boho look.

20. Traditional Small Box Braids

Traditional Small Box Braids
Instagram / @tarisilatrancista

It gives you an effortless finish and can be done with various hair colors.

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