How to Part Your Curly Hair – 6 Different Ways

If your hair has trouble keeping in place, falling into a part you don’t like, or if it keeps making a part on its own despite your efforts. Here are some quick and simple techniques for properly parting curly hair and adding volume to the roots.

Parting curly hair also gives off a classy and elegant vibe. Still, while parting curly hair may seem simple, we curlies can attest to the fact that it can be a frustrating process because the curls lack volume, and the part disappears after styling. 

The process might be heartbreaking, but it doesn’t have to be for you anymore! Your curls should be able to offer you the style you desire with the right hair preparation, taking into consideration your hair density and the look you are striving for.

Preparation Steps to Part Curly Hair

You should wash your hair just before parting it because trying to separate dry curls once they are clumped together after drying causes frizz. The parting stays in place when done on wet curls.

Start your washing procedure with a co-wash or sulfate-free shampoo that is normally not too damaging to your hair. 

Follow up with a conditioner or a deep conditioner. If it’s a wash day, give your curls all the moisture they require; while using a conditioner, apply to the mid-lengths to the tips, avoiding the hair roots; nevertheless, when shampooing, the scalp should be given priority to remove product buildups, excess oil, and dirt.

Give your hair a thorough rinse after completely detangling and removing any knots and tangles from conditioned hair. Applying gel to soaking wet hair and letting them sit for 10 minutes will reduce frizz and give your curls more definition. 

Plop curls by flipping hair upside down, covering it with an old t-shirt or microfiber towel, and fastening the front of the clothing. If the appearance you’re striving for doesn’t involve more defined curls and minimal frizz, carry on with your regular styling routine.

As you apply the additional style products, such as the leave-in conditioner, oils, curl cream, and serums, give your hair a good scrunch to get rid of the gel cast that would have formed as the gel and water dried.

When styled upright as opposed to styling upside down, you have more control over the volume and lay of your hair.

6 Best Ways to Parting Curly Hair

We all need a change-up, which is being able to part our curly hair pretty much however we want. 

Be sure that your hair has been styled with your preferred styling products, and if your hair started to feel dry while you were sectioning, spritz more water on it and keep going. 

1. The Horizontal Parting

Part Curly Hair
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Create a horseshoe shape by using your fingers to partition off the center of your forehead down to your crown. To ensure that the area is properly detangled and to provide volume, take it and comb or brush upwards.

The number of horizontal lines you draw on the horseshoe part with a rat tail comb will depend on the style you want to achieve and the density of your hair.

To segment, start a few inches from the back of the horseshoe and draw a horizontal line; repeat this process until you reach the necessary numbers. Comb upward after each horizontal line to create extra volume.

2. The Middle Part

Middle hair parting
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In particular, for low-density hair, there is typically no lift or volume at the root due to the symmetrical appearance and even amount of hair at the sides.

Using your fingers, separate your hair from the upper sides down to below the crown to provide additional volume. This area ought to have a horseshoe shape. For greater volume and to remove any knots, comb upward.

Divide the section into two horizontal halves using a rat tail comb. Place the rat tail comb in the center of the front horizontal portion and split it into two parts. At the root, scrunch for extra volume.

3. Deep Diagonal Part

Deep Diagonal Part
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With your rat tail comb, separate your hair from one corner of your eye to the back of the horseshoe section you just made in the front. The beautiful thing about this part is that it gives a balanced and natural look.

4. Zig Zag Hair Parting

Zig Zag Hair Parting
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My go-to for more volume and uniqueness is this! You could either produce a zig-zag parting with one continuous line or draw a sequence of diagonal lines from the back to the front of the horseshoe section.

5. No Part Styling

No Part Styling
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All curl types look good with no parting because it adds additional volume and lift at the root. To achieve this look, make a little one-inch or smaller part in the front of your hair and use a brush to create ringlets so that the front bits of your curls adhere to the hair to prevent them from falling into your face.

6. The Perfect Side Part

Side Part Hair
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A rattail comb is all that’s needed for this parting procedure. Place it on your hairline, just above the edge of your brow, and then part your hair along that line, moving up toward the crown of your head. This is a classic technique that is always in trend.

To Diffuse or Air dry after Parting 

Add clips to the root if you’re air drying to provide greater volume and air space.

To diffuse, If you like the ideal balance of volume and frizz-free curls rather than having a huge volume of curls. After using your favorite style products, allow your hair to air dry slightly. One thing to keep in mind is that your hair health should come first before using a diffuser, and the easiest method to prevent damage is to use a heat protectant.

Starting with high heat and low setting, circulate the air while keeping the diffuser pointed downward and at the roots of your hair from a safe distance. 

While aiming the diffuser, move your head slightly and swing your hair from side to side. Moreover, for added volume and well-defined curls. Set the speed to medium and the heat setting to medium or low. Put a small section of your hair into the diffuser cup, place it on your head next to your scalp, and let it air dry for 10 to 20 seconds. Then, turn the diffuser off and let your hair hang down.

Switch to a different section till you’ve finished all the parts of your hair. To prevent the roots from sinking downward when diffusing, hang your head sideways or flip your hair from side to side. Restrain from touching your hair during this process, as it would encourage frizz and not give the best results.


If your curls are stubborn about how they part, meaning they always do what they want, you can retrain them. It will take some time, but it is possible.

You can deliberately try to change the way you part your hair, which is advantageous to you since it eases stress in that area of your scalp, and you can also twist your hair while deep conditioning.

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