20 Types of Large Knotless Braids

If you want a thicker and fuller braid, large knotless braids are an excellent choice; they are pretty simple to do and are about the size of markers. The braids don’t last very long, and the cleaning procedure is a little tricky because the scalp is difficult to reach because of the wide dividing parts.

Large knotless are similarly categorized as jumbo braids; these are sometimes addressed to much larger box braids. Before making your large-sized braids, consider your hair state as the larger you make your jumbo braids, the heavier they will be, which could damage your hair. 

What are Large Knotless Braids? 

long Large Knotless Braids
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The only real distinction between knotless and conventional box braids is how they are installed. Because the braids don’t tie a knot at the root like typical box braids, they are called “knotless.”

The feed-in technique, which includes adding tiny pieces of braided hair as you braid, produces flat roots and a much more natural appearance for knotless braids. The danger of hair breakage is reduced because the scalp is not under as much stress.

Knotless braids can come in various sizes, small, medium, and large braids 

What type of Hair Extension Should I Use for Large Knotless Braids?

It relies on the thickness and coarseness of your hair strands. For natural hair, selecting extensions with a similar texture will give your natural hair a kinkier and more natural appearance. Before purchasing anything, you might wish to compare the item’s texture to your hair to ensure they match. You might also experiment with vibrant colors. It would be better to make this choice before braiding for a more realistic outcome.

Why choose Knotless Box Braids: Benefits and Drawbacks


  • Contrary to traditional box braids, where tying the knot securely to your hair might be unpleasant, knotless box braids are painless and don’t have a knot.
  • Contrary to box braids, knotless box braids don’t tighten the scalp.
  • Box braids without knots are neater and appear more natural.
  • Possibly more durable than box braids.
  • They don’t weigh much. Knotless box braids are lightweight because the hair flows easily and isn’t thick.


  • It has a flat root appearance, which isn’t preferred for many.
  • Depending on the length, it takes more time than box braids.
  • Some people discovered that the longer they left their braids in, the more their hair began to grow out of them.
  •  Knotless box braids are more expensive since they take longer to make than conventional box braids.

How to Install Large Knotless Braids

This procedure should begin with freshly washed, blow-dried hair—a section of your hair afterward.

Take a section of hair, divide it into three pieces, and braid it. Add a little braiding hair 2 inches above the braid root until it is the size you want, then braid it down. You can choose whether to braid with synthetic or human hair.

Depending on the texture of the hair, you can leave the braids free at the ends or dip them in hot water to secure them.

Types of Large Knotless Braids Hairstyles

Looking to explore large knotless braids? Here are some popular styles to try!

1. Large, natural knotless braids

Large natural knotless braids
Instagram / @qmp_beauty

This style is applied to natural hair without the use of hair extensions. It is quick to install and can be accessorized for a much more refined look.

2. Large Shoulder-Length Knotless

Large Shoulder-Length Knotless
Instagram / @hawlee_creation

Do you not adore this style? It is very stunning and straightforward to install.

3. Extra-large knotless Braids

Extra-large knotless Braids
Instagram / @queenstempire_llc

This beauty is top-notch since the ends were left with some curls. Would you be open to giving it a shot?

4. Extremely Long Jumbo Braids

Extremely Long Jumbo Braids
Instagram / @que-tha-braider

Are you a fan of long hair and thick braids? You’ll adore it!

5. Heart-Shaped Large Knotless Braids

Heart-Shaped Large Knotless Braids
Instagram / @bloombyrose

Large braids and a sweet heart shape make a lovely combo.

6. Large bohemian knotless braids

Large bohemian knotless braids
Instagram / @braidsbynarcisses

The boho style is one of my favorites! Are you seeking a unique yet stunning appearance? It’s for you!

7. Large, knotless with Cornrows

knotless braids with Cornrows
Instagram / @braidsbykee_

Who says we can’t have some enormous knotless braids and cornrows? Yes, we can! And it doesn’t take much time.

8. Super Jumbo knotless braids

blue and black jumbo knotless braids
Instagram / @_braidedbeauty

Large braids take 30 to 45 minutes to apply and are twice the size of a marker.

9. Braids Coi Leray

Braids Coi Leray
Instagram / @dre.braids

The buzz! It ought to be everyone’s top choice!

10. Large Butterfly Braids

Large Butterfly Braids
Instagram / @bonjour_beauty

It looks lovely when the braids are made to have tiny, butterfly-like spiral ringlets.

11. Jumbo Combo of Small Weaves

Knotless braids and weave
Instagram / @n.skyye-did-it

Who said big braids had to be boring? A tiny weaving will make for a more exciting look!

12. Color Play Jumbo Braids

Color Play Jumbo Braids
Instagram / @ttherealslaybylay-

It gets better with jumbo braids; how about combining various colors? This ought to persuade you! The add-on weaves are very stunning.

13. Large Knotless Gypsy Braids

Large Knotless Gypsy Braids
Instagram / @trancista.josi

You may achieve a unique and stunning style by leaving curls amid your braids and combining a bohemian and goddess vibe.

14. Large Goddess Knotless Braids

Large Goddess Knotless Braids
Instagram / @theruthlessstyles

This appearance exudes sophistication, beauty, and intelligence.

15. Mid-back Jumbo Braids 

Mid-back Jumbo Braids 
Instagram / @bonjour_beauty

Knotless braids on the mid-back with curled ends are hot!

16. Large layered Boho Knotless Braid

Large layered Boho Knotless Braid
Instagram / @pearlthestylist_

Beaded accessories to complete a bohemian style; lovely!

17. Bob Knotless Braids 

Bob Knotless Braids 
Instagram / @bookalisharenee

Bob never goes out of style, and have you ever heard the adage “the bigger, the better”? This is it, right here.

18. Burgundy Jumbo Braids

Burgundy Jumbo Braids
Instagram / @mirahbellhair-salon

Isn’t this lovely?

19. Huge Knotless Braids and Light Goddess Curls

Knotless Braids and Light Goddess Curls
Instagram / @603braids

These jumbo-sized braids are perfect for you if you want just the right amount of curls without going overboard.

20. Crisscross Knotless Braids

Instagram / @thetouchofnature-

With this hairstyle, venture a little outside the norm! The installation process doesn’t require much effort and is simple to complete.

Hair Care Tips for Maintaining Knotless Braids

1 . Cleansing Process 

After installation, remember to moisturize frequently and clarify your hair to prevent product buildup on the scalp and maintain healthy hair.

Pour water through your hair and massage the scalp with a clarifying shampoo to make it clean. After thorough rinsing, see if your hair still feels dirty. If so, go in for a second cleansing. A variety of homemade materials might be used as clarifiers; based on their exfoliating qualities, adding a little salt, sugar, or baking soda to the shampoo and gently massaging the scalp would work.

After that, apply a deep conditioner to your hair to keep it moisturized.

2. No over styling

A protective hairstyle “protects hair” and has a designated time frame. Your braids shouldn’t be worn continuously! But only long enough to let your hair rest. Due to the difficulty of reaching the hair scalp for a cleansing process, larger knotless braids should be removed after 2-4 weeks.

3. Understand your Hair Porosity

Hair porosity is how well your hair strands absorb or lose moisture; ensure you understand your hair porosity type before getting your knotless braids.

4. Sleep with a Protective Cover

A silk scarf or satin bonnet can be worn while you sleep to decrease frizz and stop hair breakage. As you sleep, your hair loses moisture; putting it in a silk scarf or satin bonnet stops this since the smooth surface makes it easier for the strands to slide through, reducing frizz and hair breakage.

5. Avoid Tugging at your Braids Harshly

Exercise caution and avoid tugging too hard when caring for and maintaining your braids because doing so could stress the hair scalp and cause hair loss. To avoid harming hair throughout the takedown process, be delicate and patient.

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