How to Use a Texturizing Spray

Would you like your hair to have more body and volume? Are you trying to achieve that oomph and that look that says you just woke up like this? What you need is a texturizing spray.

I’ll explain what a texturizing spray is, how it functions, what it does to the hair, and how to use it in this article.

So, shall we get started?

What is a texturizing spray?

texturizing spray

A texturizing spray is a buildable, weightless hair spray. It comes out in a very fine dry mist which is great! because sometimes hair sprays can leave your hair feeling a little bit sticky or damp and have to dry on your hair.

Your hair gains body and grit from texturizing spray, which also gives it more volume and fluffiness, making style easier.

What is the difference between a texturizing spray, volumizing powders, and dry shampoo?

A texturizing spray, dry shampoo, and volumizing powders are all hair volumizing products targeted at giving the hair more volume. The difference lies in the mode of application and form.

Like wet shampoo, dry shampoo functions similarly; the only difference is, that it is applied to dry hair.

Dry shampoo reduces oil, dirt, and grease, and doesn’t require washing out from the hair. It is perfect for an after-gym workout to take out the excess oils and sweat or for extending a blowout.

The same result as backcombing is achieved by volumizing powder. It gives the hair root more volume. All you need to do is apply a small amount of the product to the root and spread it evenly with your finger.

What Is The Difference Between Dry Texturizing Spray And Hairspray?

Hairspray and dry texturizing spray are both excellent at giving your hair a fine appearance and holding your style in for longer. The only difference is that whereas texture spray gives you an undone, carefree feel, hairspray offers you a more finished, and polished look.

Hair spray can weigh down fine hair and tends to make freshly washed hair greasy and slightly sticky. On the other hand, the texturizing spray is light, leaving the hair feeling airy and unfettered.

The Science Behind Texturizing Spray

The hair largely consists of proteins. One major protein is keratin. They are found in the inner layer of the hair cuticle. These keratins are negatively charged because of the way they’re folded and also serve as an anchor to the outer layer of the cuticle. 

Keratins like every other protein contain amino acids that form the structure and integrity of your hair. A texturizer works by altering the structure of these proteins in your hair.

Substances with positive charges on their hydrophilic end are found in texturizers. The positive charges are supplied by these substances, which are known as catatonic surfactants, to counteract the negative charges present in keratins. This attraction lubricates the cuticle by reducing the fiber’s water-repellency. This also explains the texturizer’s lightweight and absence of residue.

A lye texturizer and a no-lye texturizer are the two different types of texturizers. While no-lye texturizers contain calcium hydroxide, lye texturizers use sodium hydroxide to disrupt the cysteine link in your hair and relax its natural curls.

The majority of hair volumizers contain humectants, which draw moisture from the environment to the hair strand, causing the hair to expand and appear thicker.

It’s also crucial to keep in mind that texturizers don’t alter the texture of your hair. It merely enhances the natural texture of your hair.

How to Use a Texturizing Spray

How to Use a Texturizing Spray

Step 1: Start with styled, dry hair. It’s best to use texturizing spray on recently washed and styled hair. Never apply it to wet hair.

Step 2: While spraying, lift your hair at the roots with your hands to give it texture and fluff. Instead of weighing the hair down as hair spray does, this provides your hair with softness and body.

Step 3: Make sure the texturizing spray is 10 inches away while you spray it through your hair. Flipping your hair side to side in the process would help provide more volume.

Step 4: Squeezing and cupping your hair as you spray can give it great body and movement.

Benefits of a Texturizing Spray

There are several benefits to including texturizing spray for your hair styling; it changes the game quite quickly. When it comes to styling your hair, you probably use a diffuser, curling iron, or hair strengthener. However, a texture spray is a terrific heat-free alternative and still adds grit and volume to your hair. Here are ways to make the most out of using a texturizing spray:

Create a Perfect Messy Ponytail

Achieve that perfect messy ponytail look by lifting your hair at the crown of your head and spraying underneath to add texture, for a more desirable result backcomb with a wide-tooth comb that would add even more volume. Once you’ve done that, put your hair up in a high ponytail and you’re ready to go!

Scrunching Motion

By scrunching your hair, you can improve the effects of texturizing spray. Simply spray a section of your hair, then cup it into your hands and give a good squeeze.

Braiding and Spraying

Another approach to get the most out of a texturizing spray, especially if you want defined, beachy waves, is to braid your hair before applying it.

Remember that your waves will be more tightly curled if your braids are smaller. After you’ve finished braiding, spritz your hair and let it air dry completely before removing the braids.

Apply before Bed Time

Before going to bed, apply a texturizing spray to damp hair to give your curls more time to take on the shape you want.

Give Your Braids and Updos Some Grip

Braids and updos frequently slip out of fine, straight hair or freshly washed hair. For long-lasting styles, adding some grit to fine hair with a texturizing spray will help it remain in place. Enjoy your magnificent tresses by spraying them all over clean hair before braiding or styling.

Massive Volume 

Going for a voluminous look? Apply the texturizing spray 10 inches away in a circulatory motion to hair sections, then backcomb or tousle the hair for more volume and support.

Natural Curls

Apply the texturizing spray for more defined and elongated curls. Texturizing spray enhances the curl’s natural volume, and texture while minimizing frizz, and flyaways, giving it an extra shine!

Mistakes to avoid while using a texturizing spray

  • Do not use it on wet hair: For maximum effect apply the texturizing spray to dry hair.
  • Not too close and not too far away: Maintain a 10-inch distance when spraying and focus mostly on the mid lengths and ends of the hair when texturizing. Spraying too closely may not be healthy for the health of the hair and may result in uneven product distribution, which would reduce its effectiveness.
  • Choosing the wrong texture: Choose a texture spray that complements the natural texture of your hair. A straight, blow-out spray will probably go well with straight hair. Use a wave spray to accentuate your natural curls if your hair is curly.
  • Too frequently each day: Texturizing spray is fantastic, yes! doesn’t mean you have to use it too many times during the day. It is advised to use the product only once daily because excessive use is unhealthy for your hair.

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