How to Fix Curly Hair that Turns Frizzy When Dry

On wash days, your curls seem curly when wet, but as soon as it dries, it becomes a massive ball of frizz. You’ve probably tried your hands-on, so many things to resolve this, and yet, nothing has changed. I know how that feels, and I’ll be sharing the right tips for having well-defined curls.

Steps to Fix Curly Hair that Becomes Frizzy Hair when Dry

Curly Wet Frizzy Dry Hair
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Curls thrive with hydration; they love moisture and more moisture! That’s where you need to begin, but before that, the first thing you’ll need to abstain from is brushing your curls when they dry; doing this disrupts the curl’s natural pattern. If you aren’t making this mistake and your curls are still frizzy when dry, try out the following tips:

1. Protein Moisture Balance

You might need to incorporate a protein treatment to maintain the protein moisture ratio, especially if your hair is highly porous from previous damage. Proteins are responsible for the curls’ rigidity, structure, and strength.

2. Squish to Condition!

Following the wash of your hair, apply a conditioner; this is an essential process to keep your curls frizz-free as conditioners are designed to supply moisture to the curls. After applying the conditioner to the hair roots from the mid-lengths to the tips, scoop a handful of water into the curls and give a squish or squeeze, producing a squelching sound. If it doesn’t, go in with more conditioner. 

Don’t go easy with applying your conditioner, as your hair needs lots of moisture. After which, you detangle knots with a wide tooth comb or fingers. 

A deep conditioner should also be an integral part of your hair care regimen; deep conditioners are engineered to work 10x better than an ordinary conditioner as they can penetrate the hair’s inner layer – the cortex.

Thoroughly rinse hair with cold water after conditioning.

3. Create a Gel Cast

Add your desired styling products and leave-in conditioner, oils, cream, and gel to your soaking wet hair.

Remember to use a lightweight product if you have low porosity hair because it has difficulty absorbing moisture but retains well. 

Apply the gel to the soaking wet hair; the gel and the water will coat the curls, and as the hair dries, it forms a crystallized layer around it. To apply gel, pour a generous amount into your palms, rub together, and apply to a section using the praying hand technique and smooth the gel into your curls.

4. Plop Hair with a T-shirt or Microfiber towel

Take an old t-shirt or microfiber towel and lay it on the bed’s surface or where it’s convenient. Fold the t-shirt or towel, flip hair upside down, drape the clothing over the curls, and secure with a knot at the front. Using softer clothing for this plopping method minimizes frizz due to the lessened tension on the curls. Plop hair for about 10 minutes. Remember to add a lot of gel, as the t-shirt or towel would absorb some.

5. Airdry or Diffuse

After plopping, air dry or diffuse curls; if you are air drying, clip at the roots for more volume and refrain from touching hair as it dries; touching takes away the styling products, resulting in frizz. A known fact regarding curly hair is that the more you touch, the worse it gets! 

Spritz on a heat protectant and set to low heat settings to use a diffuser attached to a blow dryer. For more volume and defined curls, scoop curls in the diffuser bowl, place them on the scalp for a few seconds, and move to other sections.

6. Scrunch out the Crunch!

After your hair dries, it will feel crunchy, which is a good thing. You could add a leave-in conditioner, light oil, or serum to rid cast-off. And, you could also use your hands. To scrunch out the cast, cup the curls in a section and wrap upward towards the scalp, do this for all sections repeatedly until you feel the cast has worn off.

7. Do some finger coiling 

After applying your styling products, do some finger rolling for more defined curls, do this by dividing your hair into sections after it has been adequately detangled; take a small section of hair and give it a twirl following the curls pattern. Make sure to twirl tightly at the root.

The Bottom Line 

Following the above steps would leave your curls well defined when dry, but you might also have to check if your hair products do not contain products that are too stripping and damaging to your curls. Also, get regular trims, as split ends and hair breakage results in frizziness and slow down hair growth. 

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