How to Grow 4c Hair to Waist Length 

Almost everyone wants curly bouncy hair. But, not everyone knows how to get it. Sometimes, it could even feel like every one’s hair around you is growing except yours. Let’s take you through how to grow 4c hair to waist length in as short a time as possible. 

Even if you think you’re already on the right track, we’ve got some little tips that’ll make all the difference for your hair growth. Don’t stop reading!

What is 4C Hair?

4c hair is the kinkiest and the curliest hair among other hair types. People with 4c hair can either have thin or thick hair. However, having 4c hair does not necessarily mean that you will have thick hair. That’s just a myth! People with 4c hair have different variations of hair.

How To Grow 4C Hair To Waist Length

Growing your hair long is one thing but knowing how to grow 4c hair to waist length is another. There are certain practices that you must follow before your hair can follow the growth process the way it’s supposed to. Let’s go over some of the things you can do to your 4c hair to grow it to waist length.

  1. Moisturise Properly

Moisturizing your hair properly is very essential in getting your 4c hair to waist length. You must have a good hair routine when it comes to moisturizing your hair. You could be moisturizing your hair daily, thrice a week, or weekly. Most of all, it’s crucial to understand what your hair likes and doesn’t like.

Additionally, take note that there’s also a thing as ‘over-moisturizing’. You can moisturize your hair so much to the point that you are causing it more harm than good. This is why you must know what your hair likes. Just because you have 4c hair does not necessarily mean that you must always moisturize it daily.

Know when to wash it. You can do this by carefully looking at the hair strands and checking whether your hair is dull and weighed down and if there’s any product buildup in your hair. If you notice any of these, you’ll need to clarify your hair because any more moisture that you add will get blocked from penetrating.

  1. Trim Your Hair Regularly 

Trimming your hair regularly is also very important. When you trim your hair, it keeps it healthy and makes sure that you get rid of split ends.

When there are split ends, it’ll travel up your hair strands and make your hair weak. Also, when you have a lot of split ends your hair will look frizzy and very unhealthy. Therefore, never skip your regular trims because they’ll help your hair to grow healthily. You wouldn’t want to grow unhealthy hair.

  1. Always Detangle 

Detangling is also an essential thing because curly hair tangles very easily. The strands will keep twisting around each other. If you leave your hair like that without detangling, more strands will join the tangle causing a large tangle. When that happens, your hair becomes more prone to breakage, causing slow hair growth.

  1. Always Massage Your Scalp

Scalp massages are quite powerful and helpful in the progress of your 4c hair growth. Scalp massage helps to get the blood flowing to the scalp, stimulating new hair growth and helping to distribute your hair’s natural oil throughout your hair.

Scalp massage also helps to reduce your stress level and release serotonin (a hormone that makes humans feel happy) in your body. 

How Long Does It Take To Grow 4C Hair To Waist Length?

The time it takes for 4c hair to grow to waist length varies from person to person. Plus, there are a variety of factors that can affect hair growth. The products that you use, genetics, the weather, maintenance, and even how often you wash your hair all play a huge role in your hair growth process. 

Generally, the average strand of hair grows about 1 inch every month. Technically speaking, if you’re able to retain your inch of growth after 12 months you will be having over 12 inches of hair. Also, you must understand that hair has a cycle. To get the most out of your hair, you must know how to work with the natural growth cycle of your hair. Furthermore, as part of your hair’s growth cycle, it will normally always shed for a particular period before resting and growing again.

During this period of shedding, it’ll feel like your hair is growing very slowly or it’s not even growing at all. That’s normal! All you need to do is be patient with the process and properly care for your hair and it will continue to grow.

What Makes 4C Hair Grow Fast?

First and foremost, what you must understand is that your hair grows every single day. How to handle that growth is the problem that most people have. Many people do not know how to treat their hair in order to get the best out of it.

One of the major reasons why your 4c hair is not growing fast could be due to dryness. If you want your 4c hair to grow faster, always ensure that your hair and scalp are well-moisturized. As for doing something to make it grow faster than usual, there is absolutely nothing you can do to speed up the growth pace. 

Does Stretching 4C Hair Make It Grow Faster?

Stretching your hair has no hand in making your hair grow faster. When you stretch your hair, it only stops your hair from getting easily tangled. Besides, when you have curly hair, it’s very easy for the hairs to get twisted around each other. When the hairs twist like that they get tangled. If you happen to put your hands through your hair or comb it at that particular point, you’ll most likely snap the hair, causing it to break.

However, when your hair is straight there is very little chance of hairs tangling and therefore you will likely have more rapid hair growth. Notwithstanding, just have in mind that this doesn’t mean that your hair is growing faster, rather you’re only seeing more length retention.

How Long Can 4c Hair Grow?

4C hair can grow just as long as any other type of hair. The only thing that you need to keep in mind when it comes to hair growth is that factors like genetics play a huge role in how long and fast your hair can grow. Generally, 4c hair can grow to waist length or even as far as tailbone length if and only if you know how to maintain the hair properly.

Also, you must remember that curly hair shrinks. Some people with type 4c hair have shrinkage as high as 75%. Sometimes, it may even seem as though your hair is not growing when in actual fact it is. You can confirm that by just pulling a few strands of your hair. In sum, 4c hair can grow as long as you want it to if you’re able to keep it in the best possible condition.

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