How to Get Rid of Frizzy Curly Hair

There’s so much talk about frizzy hair being an enemy. But, the truth is that there are different things that can be used to get rid of frizzy hair or at least control it. Keep reading to find out ways to get rid of frizzy hair, including the best tips and tricks to follow. 

Getting Rid of Frizzy Curly Hair

Here are the best ways to get rid of frizzy curly hair

  1. Style Your Hair When it’s Wet

If you have curls, it’s very important to not only consider what products you use but when to use them. If you apply your product to hair when it’s still a bit dry, your product will not evenly saturate, and you will be left with frizzy and undefined curls. The best time to apply your hair products is immediately after you get out of the shower. 

For best results, you can comb through using a leave-in conditioner, then rake in a curl cream with your fingers, and scrunch with a liquid gel. These products will provide moisture, enhances the definition of the curls, and hold the hairstyle so your curls stay defined for days.

  1. Get a Good Hair Dryer

If your curly hair gets frizzy, you’ll need to invest in a gold-standard dryer since a good dryer will perfectly lay the foundation for smooth hair. It will cost some good money, but, it’s definitely worth the investment. 

  1. Use a Diffuser

If you have curly hair, there’s a possibility that blow dryers will scare you, however, there’s a better option than them – a diffuser. Traditional hair dryers are fond of jostling curls too much, but a diffuser will soften the airflow so your curls are bouncy and not frizzy. For best results, use the diffuser with your head upside down to achieve maximum volume.

Most importantly, before you diffuse and after you finish styling, use a t-shirt to plop your hair for 10 to 15 minutes. This will keep your hair out of the way till when you finish dressing and applying makeup.

  1. Keep Your Hands Off

This tip is one of the most essential. You need to learn how to keep your hands off your curls to prevent frizzing. Touching your hair constantly will keep causing the frizz to keep coming out. It may not be so easy to keep your hands off, but you must try.

  1. Get a Hairspray 

You could lightly mist your comb or brush with some hairspray to tame flyaways and frizzies. After spraying, lightly brush through the top of your hair to set it in place and it’ll hold your frizz down for the whole day.

  1. Use Hand Lotion (A Pinch)

Hand lotion is something you can have in your bag always. If you’re out somewhere and have frizzy hair you need to deal with, just use a little hand lotion and it’ll do the trick. If you have finer hair, just be sure to apply more of the cream on your ends or rub it in your palms first to diffuse it, so your hair doesn’t get too greasy. 

  1. Use Products Strategically

Most times, one product won’t be enough to get rid of frizzy hair, especially if you have curly and thick hair. Think of your hair products as part of a holistic routine that works together to fight frizz. Finding the perfect hair routine for your curl type is essential for getting rid of frizzy.

  1. Always Detangle 

Frizz and tangles go hand in hand, so a big step in knowing how to get rid of frizzy hair is cutting down on tangles. If you have straight hair, all it may take is the right brush, but if you have curly hair, the process will require a little more work. 

Get a product that can stop the tangles and make your hair strands extra slippery and easier to work through, whether you’re using a wide-tooth comb or finger-detangling.

  1. Use a Silk Pillowcase 

Consider using scrunchie and silk pillowcases, especially when sleeping. To avoid frizz, just twist your hair into a high bun and secure it with a silk scrunchie before bed. The silk fabric won’t crease your hair. All you need to do in the morning when you wake up is to take your hair down, mist the roots with dry shampoo, and you’re good to go.

  1. Be Careful While Straightening 

Taming frizz on your natural texture is one thing, but keeping straightened hair sleek is another big thing entirely. It could be very tempting to grab a brush and detangle your hair before straightening, but that’s not advisable. 

The best option is to take a brush through your hair to separate the strands and make your hair super frizzy while using a flat iron. You could also use a detangling brush in the shower and if it gets a little knotty while straightening, finger-comb it. Make sure to use a heat protectant spray during the process.

  1. Always Moisturize 

Frizz mostly needs moisture to dissolve. A good moisturizer will deliver instant hydration and leave your hair silky, smooth, and conditioned. 

  1. Avoid Brushing Your Curls Dry

When you comb your curls dry, you disrupt their pattern and this results in frizz. So, comb it when it’s still wet after you’ve applied conditioner inside the shower. Then, add a leave-in conditioner when the hair is still wet and comb again.

  1. Don’t Shampoo Everyday

Co-wash and use a light conditioner to cleanse instead if you have to wash your hair more than thrice a week. The less you shampoo, the more moisturized your curls will be. Never forget that! Additionally, always rinse your hair with cold water as it helps to close the hair cuticle and prevent the strands from absorbing water from the environment.

  1. Use Products That Contain Glycerine, Not Alcohol 

Glycerine-free products perform better in humid conditions and products that contain it perform better in hot and dry seasons. So, choose your leave-in conditioner accordingly.

Also, look for products that do not have common alcohols such as Isopropanol alcohol, Propanol alcohol, Ethyl alcohol, Benzyl alcohol, and Isopropyl alcohol. If it does have any of these, make sure it is at the bottom of the ingredients list. Most of all, do not use gels with alcohol in them.

  1. Apply Leave-in Conditioner and Gel to wet hair

You’ll have more frizz if you apply these products to your hair when it’s partially dried. If you have thick hair and apply leave-in conditioner in sections (another tip to reduce frizz), keep a spray water bottle handy to re-wet the next section before applying the products.

  1. Seal with Oil

Serums have silicones, but oils don’t. Use a light oil like Jojoba or almond and coat your strands with it. This will not only make your hair shine, but it also will form a barrier between your hair strands and the environment, preventing frizz.

In addition, never overdo oiling. If you completely drench your hair in oil, you will need more shampoo to remove it. Just give your scalp a good oil massage while applying generously to the ends to make the drying process fast.

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