How to Naturally Make Your Hair Curly Overnight

If you have straight hair and want to acquire curls and waves in the best manner possible–heat-free– overnight, this is for you! These techniques are easy, do-it-yourself friendly, and fun to do.

Start With a Clean Washed Hair

This method must be carried out on clean hair, so start by washing your hair thoroughly with shampoo. Focus on massaging the scalp during this procedure to encourage blood flow, which stimulates new hair growth.

Add conditioner while working your way up from the hair ends to the root. Use your fingers or a comb with wide teeth to properly detangle the hair and distribute the product to the hair ends. The conditioner should be left in for at least five minutes, per the product’s directions, before being well-rinsed. Squeeze gently to remove excess water.

Include styling products like a leave-in conditioner, curling cream, and gel for more attractive and springy curls.

Methods of Getting Heat-free Curls Overnight 

After style, let your hair air dry partially or use a blow dryer set to low heat to hasten the process. These techniques are best carried out on damp hair.

French Braid

French Braid Curls Overnight
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Doing some French braids might be all you need to get that curls rolling. Split your damp or 80 percent dry hair into two sections; if you want more curly springlets, you might need to do more than two.

The position of your hands is crucial to this method. Before you begin, remember that braiding is best done with the hands rather than the eyes to acquire a feel for what you are doing instead of staring at it constantly and messing up the process.

Take a tiny bit of hair at the front in a section and divide it into three equally sized pieces; start by crossing one piece over the top while holding the sections securely with your fingers near your head. 

Change hands, lay the thumb over the crossing piece, take up the first piece and let go, then choke up on the hair to keep it tight on the head, and cross over the first piece at the top with the second piece. The next step is to add hair by separating it into the braid, smoothing it with a fingertip or comb, and incorporating it into the top piece.

Now that they are divided into two portions by the middle section and a single hair, separate them once more with your first finger, cross the hair over, and repeat the process from the opposite side. Continue adding hair from both sides, ensuring they are the same width up to the nape of the neck. Finish up the braids tight.

Now that you are done braiding wrap your head in a silk bonnet or satin scarf and go to bed. Your hair should have a wavy curl pattern once you remove your braids.

Get Curls Popping with Old Clothing

Get Curls Overnight with old clothing
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Twist and tie the ends of an old t-shirt. Insert your hair, then slip the t-shirt in the shape of a bun to the hair root. Twist and wrap a section of your hair starting from the front around the bun, then do the same with the remaining sections. And either wait for a few hours before unraveling it or go to bed with it.

You could also try this technique: using scissors, cut old clothing into rectangular pieces, the length of which depends on the length of your hair and cut a slit through the middle of each piece. A section of hair should be inserted into this slit, wrapped upward, and tied when finished.

Pin Curls

Curls Overnight with pin
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Your hair should be divided into sections. Take a section, wrap it around two or three fingers, depending on the size of the curls you want, flatten it against your head, and secure it with two bobby pins. Do this before bed or wait a couple of hours for hair to dry and unfold.

Sock Curling; Creating a Sock Bun

Sock Curls Overnight
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This has been said to create great results! Take 2-5 pairs of socks, depending on how thick your hair is or how you want your curls to turn out. This process should be done with almost dry hair and divided into two or more sections. If you feel your hair is drying, spritz more water into it.

Place the closed end of your socks at the root of your hair and clip them to prevent it from moving around. Take a piece of hair and wrap it tightly around the socks; keep that tight grip at the end, put your fingers in your socs, grab the section, loop your socks over to the top, remove the clip and tuck the ends in. keep it in for a couple of hours and remove socks and see a beautiful head of bouncy curls.

Wrap around a Headband

Headband Curls Overnight
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Put a headband on your hair, ensuring that it rests flat, and divide your hair into two portions. Twist one section, then wrap it around the headband. Repeat with the second section.

You can wear this style out or sleep in it if you’d prefer. Either way, check to ensure your hair is dried before you take it down, or your curls might fall out. To speed things up, you can use a hair dryer in a cool setting. Roll the hair band down to unravel, and rock those gorgeous curls! 

Using a Flexi Rods

flexi rod Curls Overnight
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Flexi rods can be bent into any shape, which keeps them in place without pins or clips. Take a section, place the ends of the hair on the rods and wrap tightly, and secure both ends on the hair. You could comfortably sleep in this.

Bantu Knots

bantu curls
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Your hair should be divided into small portions. To create a knot or small bun, take a section and twist it from the roots to the ends in the opposite direction. Using bobby pins or a band, fasten it. To prevent knots and split ends, use snag-free hair elastics.

You may wear this as a hairstyle, sleep with it, or wait a couple of hours to take it down and obtain lovely curls.

Twist and Put it in a Bun

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You can twist your hair while it’s damp, scrunch it up, and put it into a mini bun. Make these mini buns in more extensive forms for bigger curls or smaller forms for curlier smaller curls. Spray them with hairspray and sleep with them overnight or keep them in for 5-6 hours.

To reduce frizz, have your hair covered with a silk scarf or satin bonnet after each method. Because our sheets absorb moisture as we sleep, this results in dryness and frizz; silk or satin has a surface that enables hair to glide through, reducing friction which translates to less frizz, split ends, and knots.

The Next Morning

On waking up the following day or unraveling after a couple of hours, spritz a holding spray to give curls more definition. For more volume, spray in a texturizer.

Lastly, following the listed techniques would give you beautiful curls, but they are temporary and can only last a couple of hours or days with a touch-up.

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