20 Beautiful Frontal Hairstyle Ideas

A frontal closure offers versatility with hairstyling but we sometimes find ourselves confused about what to style. That ends now, this article would provide you with a variety of options to choose from and play around with, and also, enlighten you more on what a frontal is and its difference from closure if you are clueless on this.

What is a Lace Frontal

Frontal Closure
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A lace frontal has a half wig kind of appearance that goes from ear to ear. It can be worn in a variety of styles and is stitched with three to four hair bundles. It is frequently employed when attempting to imitate the entire hairline from ear to ear and is especially well-liked by those who have alopecia or thinning edges.

So Why Go With Lace Frontals? Lace frontals are comfortable to install and wear for a longer duration. Wearers of lace frontals frequently use them to experiment with textures or colors other than their hair or to cover their edges.

Additionally, this look offers amazing versatility because the lace frontal gives you seamlessness and allows you to wear pulled-back hairstyles. Thanks to the ear-to-ear covering that almost perfectly replicates your hairline, lace frontals also make it possible to hide hair loss along the hairline.

The entire hairline around the entire head can be covered by a 360 frontal closure. You can wear any type of hairstyle with this frontal, the high ponytail you fancy can be worn without concerns. 

And What about Lace Closures?

Lace Closure
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The lace closure, which gets its name from being inserted in the horseshoe area of the head to seal the style, does not cover your entire head from ear to ear. The best closures are naturally dense and have bleached knots around the edge that you can slightly tint to match your skin tone.

Closures can be worn by people with all types of hair, including natural, permed, sparse, and even receding hairlines. A natural-looking hairline can be achieved by using lace closure.

Furthermore, you can dye lace closures without also needing to dye your natural hair. The human hair weaves and is blended at the hairline to the lace closure.

What’s the Difference Between a Lace Frontal and Closure?

  1. Since lace frontals must extend from ear to ear to give enough coverage across the entire hairline, they are often larger than closures. On the other hand, closures only need to finish the installation, so they only need to cover a small section.
  1. The major distinction between them is in terms of adaptability; lace frontals far outperform closures in this regard. You have more styling options with a frontal than with closures, such as pulled-back styles. Closures, however, are more suitable for a modest, everyday look.
  1. A frontal is substantially larger than lace closure. It is often only 4X4 in size and quite a little. Three different kinds of lace closures are available: one part (middle part), three parts, and free parts (no part),
  1. To make your weave or sew-in look more natural, you might add a closure to the center or side of your hair. This gives you the option of wearing a complete head of weave with no real hair showing through. Two or three bundles are needed to finish a style if you want a full head sew-in with a closure. With lace frontals, you can wear any color, curl pattern, cut, or style. It’s quite impossible to pull your hair back without showing your tracks because closures barely cover a piece of your head.

20 Trendy Frontal Hairstyle Ideas

Have no idea how to style your frontal? Here are some choices for you to consider!

1. Frontal Updo with two bangs

Frontal Updo with Two Bangs
Instagram / @madisonmbt

Saying this frontal hairstyle is chic is an understatement! It goes off that fiery vibe and the bangs are the center of attraction. To pull off these looks, take two small pieces of the frontal, and curl them with a curling iron after putting the rest in an updo.

2. Frontal Updo

Frontal Updo
Instagram / @hairbylilliy_

This gorgeousness is very simple to achieve, do a side part and swoop the hair to the side, curling its ends.

3. Wispy Bangs Half up Half down 

Wispy Bangs Half Up Half Down
Instagram / @wigsbytyy

The soft and feathery look of the bangs, and the half up half down frontal style should be included in your must-try frontal styles. It gives off a certain kind of uniqueness and beauty.

4. Two Buns Frontal Hairstyle

Two Buns Frontal Hairstyle
Instagram / @thassewraven

A word for this frontal style is cute and like every cute thing, simple to do. With your desired parting put your hair in a ponytail, and wrap it to form a bun. For a messy kind of look, wrap loosely.

5. Two Ponytails Frontal Hairstyle

Two Ponytails Frontal Hairstyle
Instagram / @acelondonhair

Ponytails are our go-to easy and effortless look, and frontals also provide that versatility with styling. If you haven’t styled your frontal in a ponytail, this is a cue to do so, and two ponies make it a lot better.

6. Two-Side Braids Frontal Hairstyle 

Two Side Braids Frontal Hairstyle
Instagram / @-thebarbieeffect

Braid lovers, we’ve got you! Who says braids and frontals don’t go hand in hand and make a great match? And, as always braids are do-it-yourself friendly.

7. Half Up Half Down with Two Ponytails

Half up Half down with Two Ponytails
Instagram / @chez-les-rubys

Doing a half up half down two ponytails should be an all-around favorite frontal style, it is chic and gives off a gorgeous yet effortless finish.

8. Half Up Half Down with Bangs Frontal Style 

Half up Half down with Bangs Frontal Hairstyle
Instagram / @qrownedbyqui

Bangs! It does so much to enhance a style, and the small half up half down frontal piece took this look to a whole new level.

9. Cornrows Frontal Hairstyle 

Cornrows Frontal Hairstyle
Instagram / @eleganthairstore

Doing cornrows on the frontal closure gives a natural look and the style doesn’t take long to install.

10. Twists Frontal Hairstyle 

Twists Frontal Hairstyle
Instagram / @vislayshair

Frontals offer a great deal of versatility you wouldn’t naturally get with lace closure and, doing twist is one of them, twist by sectioning your frontal, and split hair piece into two, and stack the halves together, accessorized with beads, now, that’s the real deal!

11. One Heart-Shaped Half Up Half Down 

One Heart Shaped Half Up Half Down
Instagram / @kni.slayedit

The heart-shaped braid accessorized with beads makes all the difference!

12. A Braided Ponytail

A Braided Ponytail
Instagram / @glamorous.styles

A sleek back braided ponytail is a stare-worthy look and super easy to do.

13. Frontal Wunky Puff

Frontal Wunky Puff
Instagram / @glamorous.styles

Frontal, in a wunky puff updo, is another effortless and fabulous way of styling your frontal closure. 

14. Middle Part Frontal Hairstyle

Middle Part Frontal Hairstyle
Instagram / @fleekyhaircompany

The classic regular middle part does the job!

15. A Deep Side Part

A Deep Side Part
Instagram / @aligracehair_1

You’ll agree that a deep-side part frontal hairstyle exudes elegance.

16. Bubble Pony

Bubble Pony
Instagram / @hairbyyonacabree

If a ponytail feels too simple for you and you want to spice things up a bit, doing a bubble pony with bands is just what you need.

17. Layered Frontals

Layered Frontal
Instagram / @tyythestylist

Frontal layers bring attention to the face and the hair. It is a must must-try

18. A Deep Side Part Half Up Half Down 

A Deep Side Part Half up Half down
Instagram / @glamorous.styles

Don’t simply settle for a deep side part, gorgeous as it may, when you could touch it up and take it to a whole new level.

19. Butterfly Braids

Butterfly Braids
Instagram / @adore.styles

Putting the frontal in a sleek pull-back braided ponytail spread out to give a spiral and loop appearance resembling a butterfly.

20. Small Weaves Frontal Hairstyle

Small Weaves Frontal Hairstyle
Instagram / @Iamtivstylez

Small Weaves’ frontal hairstyle is capable of switching up your appearance.

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