30 Gorgeous Curly Hair Updos

Are you looking for hairstyles that will get your curls out of your face and be ideal for weddings and other special occasions? I put together a lovely list of several curly hair updos that are appropriate for various settings.

1.  Loose Messy Curly Hair Updo

Loose Messy Curly Updo
Instagram / @shanicecox

I recommend sometimes altering your hairstyle with an updo rather than wearing it out if you typically wear it in a tight ponytail or bun. Your roots will experience less stress, which will gradually help to reinforce your thinning edges.

2. Crown Flat Braid Curly Hair Updo

Instagram / @beyondtheponytail

This do-it-yourself-friendly style, which requires braiding the crown area of your hair from front to back, is gorgeous.

3. Textured High Bun

Textured High Bun
Instagram / @svglamour

The current trend is high buns; just so you know, a high bun is incomplete without wispies.

4. French Twist Curly Hair Updo

French Twist Curly Updo
Instagram / @svglamour

Try this textured French twist updo for women with medium-length hair. The texture creates volume while remaining airy, giving the impression of a larger length.

5. Messy Boho Updo

Messy Boho Updo
Instagram / @svglamour

It adds volume and emanates elegance, making this messy, textured boho updo ideal for a glam appearance.

6. Edgy Boho Bun

Edgy Boho Bun
Instagram / @svglamour

The ruffled curls cascading down the face nicely outline the cheekbones and draw attention to the eyes in the most natural way with this boho bun, which exudes formal elegance.

7. Double Braid Updo

Double Braid Updo
Instagram / @svglamour

Braided wedding hairstyles are a big trend right now! All hair kinds and lengths may look good in braided bridal updos. 

You don’t need exceptionally long hair for romantic and textured braided updos. With braids and twists, you may still achieve softly swept hairstyles if your hair is on the shorter side.

8. Braided Bun

Braided Bun
Instagram / @updos.by.jocelyn

The straightforward yet elegant look involves shaping a Dutch light braid into a messy bun, which doesn’t require a long length to pull off.

9. Headband Curly Updo

Head Band Curly Updo
Instagram / @curlycast

Even though this headband curly updo appears complicated, it is rather simple. Simply take hair parts, twist them, and pin them in position. Perfect for hair types with finer textures and shorter lengths.

10. Chignon Bun

Chignon Bun
Instagram / @reneemarieacademy

This look is so adaptable that it looks as at home at the altar as it does on the beach! You can instantly spice it up with hair accessories and the best part is that it’s a style that doesn’t require a lot of lengths, so ladies with mid-length hair are in luck with this one!

11. Glamorous Messy Texture

Glamorous Messy Texture
Instagram / @maria_s_hairlooks

Suitable for a bride! with touches of luxury and boho inspiration. Not your typical bridal bun, this one. You won’t feel bald or matronly after it. The texture gives your hair volume without making you feel dated or bringing back memories of prom hair gone horribly wrong.

12. The Twist Bun Updo

The Twist Bun Updo
Instagram / @knoxvillebridalhair

This updo is easy to make, and you can never go wrong with it. Just twist and pin it to form a bun.

13. Faux Hawk Curly Updos

Faux Hawk Curly Updos
Instagram / @btp.society

You’ll agree with me that this piece of art is ideal for women with coily hair because it perfectly captures the style in words.

14. Messy Gathered Updo

Messy Gathered Updo
Instagram / @curlyupdos

The curls in the front are stunning, and the curls are gathered into a tousled, messy updo.

15. Updo with a Silk Scarf

Updo with a Silk Scarf
Instagram / @riot.studio

Looking for simple curly hair updos to improve your style? Nothing is more straightforward than this whimsical style, which is cute, feminine, and brimming with nostalgic emotions.

You may create a vintage-inspired, protective hairstyle by pineapple-tying your curls with a silk scarf.

16. Weaves and Twist Afro Buns

Weaves and Twists Afro Bun
Instagram / @devinerootz

If you’re lacking hair inspiration for coily hair, look no further! made by pinning tiny weaves and twists.

17. A Simple Bun

A Simple Bun
Instagram / @bridalhaircollective

The adage “less is more” is often used and certainly applies to this chic and understated curled bun updo!

18. Braided Mohawk

Braided Mohawk
Instagram / @ebonieblush

little side weaves, curls hanging in the front for added spiciness, and accessorized styling. This is my favorite thing ever!

19. A Ponytail 

A Ponytail
Instagram / @glambymonique

A ponytail is a nearly carefree go-to style that never fails to wow.

20. Side Braid Afro Bun

Side Braid Afro Bun
Instagram / @nellzlioness

The front portion of the coils is divided into sections before being braided into the bun.

21 Loose Chignon High Bun

Loose Chignon High Bun
Instagram / @reneemarieacademy

Hair envy would result from the feathery, messy appearance that is adorned with the desired accessories. It’s breathtaking!

22. Romantic Curly Updo

Romantic Curly Updo
Instagram / @bridalhairbyjennie

A curly romantic updo has the softness and complexity that its name suggests. The small curls hanging at the front add so much elegance to this style, and the best part is that it doesn’t take forever to achieve.

23. Multiple Buns Updo

Multiple Buns Updo
Instagram / @beyondtheponytail

Another fantastic method to style your hair in an updo is to have several buns! Additionally, it requires less effort to create.

24. Loose Tousled Updo

Loose Tousled Updo
Instagram / @thehairlairsalon

Gives off a tidy, loose, wavy updo that is ruffled in appearance and has a few gentle curls dangling at the sides.

25. High Afro Updo

High Afro Updo
Instagram / @brownandayohair

Can’t get enough of how amazing this updo is, how sleek it is, and how beautifully the baby hairs are laid.

26. Afro Twist Bun

Afro Twist Bun
Instagram / @mothaessentials

This look is a glam and events-worthy kind of look. And, it is suitable for all four hair types.

27. High Afro Wunky Puff

High Afro Wunky Puff
Instagram / @morganhair.co

With the sleek roots and the edges laid down flat, this couldn’t be a more perfect look, giving the face a good lift and letting the hair do all the talking.

28. Whimsical Bun Curly Updo

Whimsical Bun Curly Updo
Instagram / @maria_s_hairlooks

This curly updo is a favourite look with the illusion of a fluid movement the curls give tucked in a bun.

29. Afro Puff

Afro Puff
Instagram / @theevehogbon

What other best way is there to rock an afro hair if not in a big wunky puff? Afro hair is uniquely gorgeous and this updo brings attention to the face.

30. Elongated Updo

Instagram / @the_italian_mane

There’s not so much to this look, recreate by using a banana clip with an elastic closure and a few bobby pins, and that’s it!

How To Maintain An Updo

Before an intricate updo, you want to ensure your hair is prepped for the process. There are tips and tricks for maintaining curly updos and here are a few outlined below 

A Lot of Pins May be Required for some Updos

The trick to keeping pins and clips in place is to cross them. Be sure to pin your hair firmly, since it holds them firmly in place. It also helps if they are all the same shade as your hair.


This is necessary! To give the curls grit and hold, mist hairspray on them. You should also mist some on the elastic bands, hair clips, and pins before inserting them into your hair. This will make it easier for them to grab your hair. A little on a hair brush would also help prevent frizz and flyaways.

Don’t Wash your Hair 

Don’t wash before attempting a complex updo. The majority of hairdressers would advise washing your hair at least 24 hours before styling your hair will have texture as a result, which will aid in maintaining the integrity of your updo.

Before beginning your updo, it is always preferable to apply a curl-defining cream to your curls. Apply the lotion to damp not wet! hair, then dry it with a diffuser-equipped blow dryer. Start your updo after letting your hair cool.

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