20 Baddie Hairstyle Ideas for Every Occassion

Becoming a baddie starts with the hair! Looking for baddie hairstyle inspiration? You’re at the right spot!

Baddie hairstyles are the rave of the moment, with tiktokers and Instagram influencers, and celebrities pulling off daily iconic looks. However, the baddie style is peculiar to the individual and doesn’t require any specialty to pull off. 

The hairstyle compilation would inspire you on your preferred choice of appearance. There’s nothing that screams baddie more than self-confidence and awareness, it is the ultimate baddie move!

20 Baddie Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Here is a compilation of a variety of baddie hairstyles to choose from. 

1. Double Bun Half Up Half Down

Double Bun Half Up Half Down baddie hairstyle
Instagram / @foxybaehair

If this sleek and uncharacteristic hairdo doesn’t scream baddie, then I don’t know else will! Giving major Coachella vibes!

2. Curly Updo

Curly Updo
Instagram / @curlsinperfection

What better way to be a baddie than to put those lovelies in a high updo? And, the soft curls dangling at the front bring attention to the eyes and frame the cheekbones.

3. High Wunky Puff

High Wunky Puff
Instagram / @olovesuuu

The true definition of puff! And, is a no-brainer way to rock the baddie look. What’s truly more badass than rocking your curls in their natural form and a sleek and elevated form?

4. Rubber Bands Updo

Rubber Band Updo
Instagram / @curly.race

Your curls are in all their glory, nothing beats that look and should be the top baddie styles of the century! Except, it wouldn’t if it is done in a basic manner, switching it up with some rubber bands and braids at the sides or a preferred manner is a way to go!

5. Sleek Curly Low Updo 

Sleek Curly Low Do
Instagram / @curly.race

This hairstyle gives off elegance but it wouldn’t have made it to the list if that’s all it got to offer. The wispy curls hanging at the sides and framing the face and the sleekness of this hair are the baddies!

6. Criss Cross Twists

Criss cross twist
Instagram / @thebrittanyshanice

The twists are gorgeous on their own but there’s nothing baddie about it, do you agree? How about taking it top-notch with the criss-cross braids, it doesn’t get better than that!

7. Afro Puff with Twist

Afro Puff with Twist
Instagram / @naturalblackgirlee

The afro queens are not left out, feeling like you need to switch up from your basic styles, this is perfect for that baddie look and easy to create. The beads bring all the fire to the look, it shouldn’t be missed out on.

8. Multiple Buns Mohawk

Multiple Buns Mohawk
Instagram / @zumbahairbeauty

If there was a category higher than the baddie hairstyles, this would fit right in! The elegance and uniqueness make it stare-worthy.

9. Stitch Braids

Stitch Braids
Instagram / @zumbahairbeauty

Who says stitch braids can’t make for a baddie look, styled with creative designs, it is stunning! And, if I failed to mention that is a major quality of baddie hairstyles.

10. High Afro Puff with Two Braids

High Afro Puff with Two Braids
Instagram / @afroprincesses

Afro puff is a classic and almost effortless look, and adding minimal effort takes it to a baddie level. The braids at the front are simple to create, braid by layering three pieces of strands over each other.

11. Two Buns

Two Buns
Instagram / @aureefabienne

Putting your hair in a sleek double bun is a classic baddie hairstyle that never fails to impress. The beautifully laid edges and the bun nicely wrapped equals a baddie for a win!

12. Box Braids

Box Braids
Instagram / @letstalkhair_ng

Box braids are timeless for a reason, one of which is it’s an almost effortless way of pulling off a baddie look and the ability to style the braids in a variety of other forms. 

13. Half Cornrows

Half Cornrows
Instagram / @laurayabraidsdealer

The list would be incomplete without cornrows! And, the half cornrow braided look checks off all the baddie hairstyle requirements.

14. Cornrows

Instagram / @yooabagail

There’s more to cornrows this pretty much says that and that’s precisely what baddie styles showcase. The tiny loopy curls took the chic look from where it was and made it better!

15. Curly Pixie

Curly Pixie
Instagram / @hotmamabeauty

Not just a regular pixie cut! And, the ombre color just does so much to this look. A baddie and more vibes are what this is giving, you’ll agree to that.

16. Small Knotless Box Braids with Curls

Small Knotless Box Braids with Curls
Instagram / @desdabratt_

There’s nothing basic about these braids! The curls and the high bun say baddie!

17. Two Side Braids

Two Side Braids
Instagram / @styledby.jay

This is a no-brainer baddie look, the two sides braids at the front accentuate the face, and the sleek and nicely laid edges, there’s no better telltale sign than that!

18. Half Up Half Down 

Half Up Half Down
Instagram / @mel_cal_beautybar

It’s no coincidence it’s a rave at the moment! Not a regular ponytail and the sleekness of the hair is always a vibe for a baddie hairstyle.

19. Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots
Instagram / @braidsbyarrie

This is an all-time favorite and go-to look. Easy to create and unique making it stand out on any occasion.

20. Soft Locs

Soft Locs
Instagram / @jstylingz

The soft locs hairstyle would be missing from the list if it weren’t so unique and attractive. And anybody can pull this look off.

How to Prep for the Baddie Hairstyles 

However, to begin the process, your hair should be freshly washed, and a sulfate-free moisturizing shampoo should be used for the process. 

Sulfate-containing shampoos are excellent cleansers; they do their work so well that they strip the hair of its natural oils in the process, resulting in dryness. And, dryness is an essential curly hair problem because of its follicle shape, natural oils find it harder to travel down the shaft. Switching to a sulfate-free shampoo would enable your hair to retain its natural oils.

After which you follow up with a hydrating conditioner, conditioners would help to even out the negative charge left from the shampooing process while still keeping the hair moisturized. The Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser is an excellent option to try out. 

To apply the conditioner, pour a golf ball-sized amount into your palms and rake it in your hair starting at the mid-lengths to the tips. Do a squish to condish for more hydration. For some of these hairstyles, your hair might be tucked, so it needs all the moisture it can get.

Scoop water into your palms and squish by giving it a good squeeze this would allow for extra water to get into the curls if it produces a squelching sound, you’re doing it right, and if it doesn’t, go in with more conditioner.

The underlying factor in preparing for the hairstyle is getting the hair as hydrated as possible! The leave-in conditioner is the third most important step designed to provide the hair with all-day hydration, apply the leave-in as you would a conditioner paying special attention to areas that are particularly prone to dryness.

The composition of the leave in whether it is heavier weight or lighter weight plays a vital role in determining its effectiveness and works hand in hand with your hair’s porosity. 

The more damage the hair is exposed to, the more porous it gets with the characteristic of absorbing moisture readily and quickly losing it too. 

The low porous hair, on the other hand, has a slower absorbing power but retains quite well making a lightweight leave-in suitable for this hair type and a heavier weight leave-in for a higher porous hair. After which you follow up with the rest of your routine, air drying or blow dry.

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